Snapshot of Development Process

Needs & Viability Analysis

Development Services

  • Thoroughly analyze clients’ requirements
  • Conduct site selection process and due diligence
  • Solicit and evaluate state and local incentives 
  • Determine initial space layout and possible expansion requirements
  • Evaluate zoning considerations and potential governmental restrictions
  • Identify schedule and critical path items
  • Prepare budget formulation
  • Establish LEED®, BREEAM or other environmental certification goals

Team Selection Process

  • Interview architects, engineers and contractors
  • Select the most qualified team based on the type of project being developed and its geographic location
  • Negotiate all contracts and recommend the necessary revisions to optimize value to the client

Permitting & plan development

  • Create plans and specifications based on clients' needs and budget parameters
  • Conduct design development meetings
  • Determine value engineering and cost benefit analysis
  • Perform environmental reviews
  • Compare initial costs versus cycle costs
  • Submit and secure permits


  • Aid client in obtaining favorable construction and permanent financing
  • Provide all necessary reports to lenders and/or to clients' internal accounting groups

Construction Management & Administration

  • Administer the payment of all funds to create single-source accountability
  • Prepare detailed monthly reports analyzing costs expended, total budgeted and estimated costs to complete
  • Coordinate receipts and review all necessary insurance certificates from contractors, subcontractors and architects
  • Monitor all construction testing reports to ensure adherence to design standards
  • Lead the construction process to ensure timely completion and quality
  • Receive and review all warranty/guarantee information and provide operating manuals to client
  • Supervise training of clients’ employees in the operation of all building systems and equipment and in all necessary preventative maintenance