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This is the hidden text that was revealed when the header was clicked. Such hidden text is generally related to the main header which opens them. You can add any number of collapsible headers. Clicking on the header when the text is seen hides the text. Additionally if a header is clicked it will automatically close any open text related to any other header while opening its own hidden text.

2] Compatibility:
This script works with all the newer versions of browsers like IE5+, NS6, Opera and Firefox.
This script does not work with older browsers like NSv4.x but degrades very well.

3] Notes:
This is one of the most compact scripts of this nature that you can find in any JavaScript archives.

3] Notes:
This is one of the most compact scripts of this nature that you can find in any JavaScript archives.

Name                  Title                                          Email                              Direct Line    Cell Phone


Graeme Keith Sr.          Chairman

Greg Keith                    President & CEO                                                                                

Kenneth Beuley           CFO & Director of Development

Greg FitzGerald           Director of Management Services            704.644.4469

Elizabeth Jagielski      Controller

Kimberly Boyko          Human Resources                                  704.365.6000


Derek Salfia                 Director of Construction                            704.365.6000

Eric Larson                  Senior Project Manager                             704.319.8160       704.401.7941

Wendy Fulton              Senior Project Manager                         

Beth Godfrey                Project Manager                                      704.319.8155       704.942.5477

Ray Jasinski                 Project Manager                                       704.319.8184      704.280.7637

Robert Combs              Project Manager                                         704.319.8182

Laura Mondrick           Project Manager                                    704.319.8170

Brian Kreefer               AVP of Finance                                         704.365.6000


Brendan Pierce            Office Development and Acquisitions           704.319.8150        704.609.8822

William Baker              Office and Retail Broker                            704.319.8149


Alan Lewis                   Industrial, Land & Office Dev. Partner               704.319.8140


Dave Hanby                 Retail Development Partner                     704.319.8138       704.533.4919

Dave Osterhus             Retail Development Partner                       704.319.8139       704.770.5167

Alan Marshall              Retail Broker                                          704.319.8173       704.516.1008

Christey Blakely          Retail Broker                                             704.319.8163       704.936.9580

Knox Campbell            Retail Broker                                         704.319.8159

Graeme Keith, III        Retail Broker                                    

Nicole Frambach         Retail Broker                                                 704.319.8153       252.717.2612

Brock Hughes              Retail Broker                                             704.319.8187       704.770.8478


Andy Lawler                Healthcare Development Partner             704.319.8166     704.942.1954

Alan Jenkins               Healthcare Development Partner           704.319.8165     704.942.7826

Patrick Faulkner         Healthcare Development                       704.319.8141

Management Services

Greg FitzGerald          Director of Management Services             704.644.4469

Tina Sherrill                Property Management Portfolio                    704.319.8151

Jason Hahn                 Detention/Corrections                                        704.319.8188

Accounting Services

Elizabeth Jagielski      Controller                                                                                                             704.365.6000

Jennifer Damn            Senior Property Accountant                                                                               704.365.6000

Lisa Thomas                Senior Property Accountant                                                                               704.365.6000

Rachelle Ingram          Senior Property Accountant                                                                              704.365.6000