CBI Warehouse Opening Press Release

From the CBI CEO, David Longo -

"The opening of CBI Workplace Solutions’ new 60,000 square foot Field Operations Center is another of many amazing milestones for us over our twenty-four year journey. The energy and enthusiasm of our Associates is thrilling to see. Looking back twenty-four years I am truly humbled by our journey and the many blessings we continue to receive. Since beginning in Charlotte in 1993 we have had the opportunity to expand into ten locations across the southeast serving North Carolina, South Carolina, Eastern Tennessee and Florida. Our Clients are truly fantastic to work with, many allowing us to serve them in our local markets, across the Country and internationally. Serving our Clients would not be possible without the talent and dedication of our Associates who are truly passionate about meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. We are blessed with an amazing group of Associates who support each other and love to serve our communities. For this reason I thank God every day for the opportunity to serve alongside, support and love our Associates.      

I would like to thank Derek Brensinger, VP CBI Field Operations, for his leadership and the outstanding Team effort of Ken Beuley, Dave Featherston and The Keith Corporation Team including Choate Construction and Merriman Schmitt Architects. This ground-up development was executed with flawless precision and lightning speed. This new facility will allow is to increase the efficacy of our Team and ensure we are providing our Clients with premier service. Designing and building this facility from the inside out has allowed us to optimize our investment. We have 82,800 square feet of racked storage, 4,032 square feet of staging space for outbound product, 4,150 square feet of staging space for inbound product, 2,000 square feet of fabrication space, 1,350 square feet of office and meeting space, 9 shipping/receiving dock high doors, a drive-in loading bay, state-of-the-art air circulation system, motion sensor lighting throughout the facility to enhance energy efficiency throughout the space, state-of-the-art CPI Security monitoring system, windows on all exterior walls to maximize daylight in the space. We also have the ability to expand the facility by fifty percent to meet our future growth objectives. We are thrilled that we are able to continue our growth and investment in Charlotte, North Carolina where we began this journey.  

-David Longo

Live Love & Serve"