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Dexter Stanphill

Dexter Stanphill is the Business Development Manager for the correctional facilities branch of The Keith Corporation’s Management Services. Mr. Stanphill has more than 25 years of experience managing and maintaining criminal justice facilities. For the past 3 years, Mr. Stanphill served as President of Strategic Facility Solutions (SFS) providing correctional consulting services for various jail and prison facilities. Prior to SFS, Mr. Stanphill was President of CGL’s Facility Management Division.  For over 17 years he oversaw the administrative and technical operation of over 12 million square feet of primarily correctional facility space, including 1.8 million square feet of juvenile detention space for the State of Georgia and 2 million square feet of adult correctional facilities in Mississippi. In addition to providing facility management and consulting services in more than 20 states, Mr. Stanphill was directly involved in the design, construction, and maintenance projects in Singapore, UAE, and Canada.

Mr. Stanphill worked with the Georgia Department of Corrections for the 10 years prior to his joining CGL, serving as Director of Engineering and Construction. As Director of Engineering, Construction, and maintenance for the Georgia Department of Corrections, Mr. Stanphill oversaw all facility design, maintenance, and construction projects while managing an annual budget of $84 million.

His responsibilities also included all renovations or upgrades to existing facilities; security systems installations and maintenance; new wastewater treatment plant construction and upgrades to existing plants; all environmental issues (asbestos, lead paint, hazardous materials, etc.), and safety concerns.