The Keith Corporation prides itself on its commitment to service in the realm of commercial real estate and the community, and this still rings true when it comes to the service that we provide for our property management clients.

Excellence is at the heart of everything that The Keith Corporation does. The company mission states: “To glorify God and honor Him forever. To deliver the highest level of quality, service, commitment, and excellence to our clients.”  Recently, this mission was recognized by the service and commitment that was daily carried out by TKC Management Services (TKCMS) staff member, Melicio “Mel” Puentes.

Mel is an onsite Maintenance Technician for TKCMS­­ client, Maranatha High School in Pasadena, CA.  He has worked for the school for over five years, and during that time, made a significant impression on the school and their staff.

TKC Management Services Director of Property Management, Greg “Fitz” FitzGerald had the following comments to make on Mel’s great achievement, “Dr. Sherman, Head of Marnatha High School has personally expressed to me his appreciation of Mel.  He recognizes that Mel works very hard, and is extremely devoted to the school, staff, and students.”

The Keith Corporation has strong ties to its religious beliefs and this is reflected in our staff and the way we carry out daily business. “Faith in and a glorification of God is the golden thread that ties together everything we do.  Therefore, we believe it’s important to gather in prayer when we assemble for a meeting or meal.  Everyone understands the client’s goals and objectives to ensure we are delivering a top-shelf level of service while providing the best possible value.", stated Mr. FitzGerald.

The Keith Corporation is excited to celebrate the hard work and dedication that Mel has invested in our client at Marnatha High School and will continue to instill this level of commitment into all of our TKC staff members. Congratulations Mel!

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